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HOMOEOPATHY- The Power of Pill

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Any individual may be suffering from an array of diseases with symptom complex involving not only the organs but even the mind at the subconscious level. Homoeopathy presents a definite, concrete and comprehensive approach to the problem of disease treatment. It heals holistically and cures constitutionally.

The context of any disease picture or an ailment is the derangement of vital force, the life principle which co-ordinates body functions so that all organ systems work in tandem. The affection of this vital force precipitates at functional or pathological level in form of symptoms and at times involves both. Hence, what is to be cured in a patient is not just the disease but the individual as a whole so that Health is restored in totality. This magnificent power of annihilating the disease from its cause as well as treating the patient and not just the organ is possessed by Homoeopathy only.

Homoeopathy is always more effective, where the common practice is powerless. The medicaments, if skillfully administered, cure the greater portion of the ills to which mankind is exposed. All homoeopathic remedies are proved on healthy human beings to know the complete drug picture and their pathogenecity.


Homoeopathy has various features which gives an edge over the other systems of medicine which are given below.

  • Homoeopathic medicines are prepared from all natural substances (plants, animals, minerals etc.) and therefore are relatively safe & inexpensive. These are prepared by a specific mode of preparation called potentisation which is the process of minimizing, rather negating the toxic effects of the crude drug substance and increasing its dynamic, curative property. This eliminates the chance of side effects and patient is treated with smallest possible dose which evokes a healing response which in turn annihilates the disease.
  • Homoeopathy works in harmony with the immune system, unlike some conventional medicines which suppress the immune system thus Homoeopathy helps prevent recurrence of diseases.
  • Moreover no time is lost with Homoeopathy; it is possible to prescribe a homoeopathic medicine the moment symptoms of illness are apparent even before the diagnosis can be made thus avoiding the delay in the treatment. Homeopathy is extremely effective and is completely safe. Even babies and pregnant women can use Homoeopathy without the danger of side effects. Constitutional treatment when given to pregnant females helps produce healthy babies
  • There are many pseudo-surgical diseases which can be treated by Homoeopathy, like enlarged Tonsils, Nasal Polyps, Kidney Stones, Warts, Piles, anal Fissures and Fistula, Tumors of Uterus, Ovary, Breast etc. which otherwise fall in the domain of surgery according to conventional system of medicine.


Myth - Homoeopathy is a "Slow Acting System"

The action of medicine depends on whether the disease is acute or chronic. Acute diseases are of recent origin, e.g. cold, fever, headache that develop very quickly & if the correctly selected medicine is given to the patient, it produces very quick results. The chronic diseases are those which have a long history, e.g. Bronchitis, Asthma, Eczema, Arthritis etc. These occur as a result of continuous suppression by other systems of medicine. These types of chronic diseases will definitely require some time to be cured. Thus it is the complexity, duration and suppression of the disease which makes it time consuming to cure rather than the mode of healing that is Homoeopathy.

Myth - Allopathic or other treatment cannot be taken with homoeopathic medicine

If a person is on long continued allopathic treatment, especially steroids or "life-saving drugs", discontinuing the medicine abruptly might cause sudden increase in the intensity of his symptoms. So the best way is to reduce the dosage of the allopathic medicine gradually as the improvement starts & then stop them.

Myth - Onion, garlic, tea, coffee etc. are restricted with homoeopathic medicine

Researches have shown that there is no effect of such things on the efficacy of the medicine if these are taken in moderation & a significant gap is maintained between them & the medicine. Homoeopathic medicines act well on patients habituated to coffee and betel.

Myth - Disease increases after taking treatment

Everyone knows that homoeopathic medicines are given on the basis of symptom similarity. Primary action of the medicine may be observed by the patient as an aggravation of his disease but in fact it is only homoeopathic aggravation which is a part of curative process.

Myth - Homoeopathic medicines should not be touched

One can always take the medicine on one's clean hands.

Myth - Homoeopathy is only good for children

Homoeopathic Medicines are equally good for children and adults. If homoeopathic treatment is given to children right from the beginning, it not only helps to remove the disease completely but also increases their resistance and prevents the disease from becoming chronic, thereby, developing stronger generations.

Myth-Pathological investigations are not required in Homoeopathy

Although for initial homoeopathic prescription investigations are not required but to treat the case holistically and to know about its prognosis appropriate investigations are a must. They also help in proper management of the case and its follow up

Myth - Single medicine should be given

Single medicine should be the first choice as per homoeopathic principles but the complex symptom picture presented by the patient makes it difficult to prescribe the similimum at times. Hence, combination medicines have become a common practice.

Myth - All homoeopathic medicines are same

It appears that all homoeopathic medicines are same because they are dispensed in globules. Actually in all preparations the vehicle remains the same but it is medicated by different homoeopathic potentised dilutions.

Myth - Homoeopathy is a self-read science

Homoeopathy is a scientific system and is not something, which can be learned from books. For becoming a homoeopath one has to complete a 5½ year degree course in Homoeopathy including one year of internship. During the course, the students are taught, subjects like Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Jurisprudence, Surgery, Medicine, Gynaecology & Obstetrics. Practicing Homoeopathy without a recognized degree is a punishable offence under the law. Many colleges in India also offer postgraduation in Homoeopathy, M.D. (Hom), in various disciplines.

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