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Bakson Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of Homoeopathic Medicines and has two functional units at Parwanoo (Himachal Pradesh) and Roorkee (Uttarakhand). The plant at Roorkee is a result of our expansion plan and has been newly commissioned as per GMP norms. We have a production capacity of over 200000 sq ft. We further expanded at Parwanoo by bringing up an independent Cosmetics plant in 2015 (Built up area approx. 35000 sq. ft.). Under the esteemed guidance of Dr. Bakshi, we have achieved an enviable position in the Homoeopathic pharmaceutical & Cosmetics industry. Located in the natural environs, working day in and day out to maintain the standards as a promising Industry and always thriving for the best, Bakson has grown tremendously over a short span of time. All our efforts are a strong commitment towards ensuring safe and effective cure for the ailing masses by providing quality Homoeopathic Products. Bakson Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing wide range of Homoeopathic Medicines, Mother Tinctures, Dilutions, Biocombinations, Biochemics, Specialty Medicines, Ointments, Creams, Gels, Veterinary Medicines & Pet Products. It is also engaged in manufacturing of Sunny's Hair, Skin  & Oral Care range of personal products.


Bakson ensures unmatched quality of all its products. It strictly adheres with the pharmacopoeial standards for producing medicines to cater to the growing requirements of value added medicines.


  • Our modern manufacturing facilities and procedures comply to international standards.
  • Bakson is G.M.P. and ISO 9001:2015 certified company.


In its aggressive pursuit for excellence, every procedure at Bakson is monitored by a consortium of professionally qualified pharmacists, chemists, botanists and homoeopaths.


We import herbs, from the countries of their original habitat to avail maximum benefits of the active principles in their natural biological forms. Location of our two units in Himalayan foothills provide us with an easy access to herbs of high quality. We even cultivate herbs in- house.

Medicines are also prepared from animal sources as well as chemicals conforming to pharmacopoeial standards.


We use the best known alcohol i.e. Extra Neutral Alcohol (E.N.A.), for expressing the active constituents and preparing Mother Tinctures, Dilutions as well as other specialties. Mother Tinctures are prepared in exact percentage of alcohol as per standards of Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia. As compared to rectified spirit, ENA scores better in terms of:

  • Quality
  • Purity
  • Flavour
  • Visual impact

Bakson is the largest consumer of E.N.A. in Asia.

Average annual consumption of E.N.A. by Bakson is over 6 lac litres.


Pharmacopoeial grade, high class HMS lactose used for our tablet preparations is imported which has superior consistency, purity & clarity thus ensuring uniformity of tablets. This also helps in quick dissolution and thus better action of remedies. 


We have 4 RO plant of capacity 2000-3000 litrs./hour with S. S. 316 as the material of Housing which ensures removal of pathogens/microorganisms, dirt particle, colloidal impurities, organics, heavy metal ions including aluminum, copper/lead as well as nitrates and fluorides thus producing water of high purity without altering the taste, pH, or any other property of the water. In addition we also incorporate UV water treatment for sterilization which helps to reduce the TOC and bacterial impurities.


  • Accurate estimation of moisture content done by the use of Electronic Infrared Moisture Analyser.
  • Mother Tinctures prepared through Maceration & Percolation. Hi-tech Hydraulic Presses are used for their extraction.
  • Natural colour of mother tinctures is preserved by highly standardized methods.
  • Automatic, computerized Potentizer used to prepare Back potencies.

Laminar Air Flow

LAMINAR AIR FLOW is used to prepare potencies under aseptic conditions which,

  • Provides pure & clean air with a steady velocity to the working area.
  • Protects the products & equipments from air-borne contamination.
  • The out-flow air removes the particulate contaminants suspended by the working personnel.

Standardization & purity checks are done by sophisticated  procedures like:

  • Microtomy
  • Alkaloidal Assays
  • Chromatographic Analysis (HPLC & TLC)  
  • Microscopy
  • Calorimetric Analysis
  • Spectrophotometers Analysis


Microbiological Tests

Microbiology Section tests for bacterial & fungal contamination of herbal material with Sterile testing facilities (Laminar flow hood). We conduct in-depth tests to assess raw materials, as well as bulk and finished formulations. Besides, there is a consistent microbiological monitoring of work procedures in process areas and microbiological analysis of products.

Thin Layer Chromatography

Bakson being quality conscious takes extra effort in tracking the authenticity of Indian and exotic raw herbs by not only anatomical identification but even Co-TLC run along with standards mentioned in pharmacopeial references so that the best reaches out to doctors who can extend effective and safe treatment through their valued prescriptions of genuine drugs. Quality and efficacy is synonymous with Bakson.


Bakson produces a wide range of Mother Tinctures, Dilutions, Triturations and Proprietary products. Our specialities are available in various forms including tablets, syrups, drops & ointments.

All products are packed to preserve their medicinal powers for long & also have a tamper-proof seal. The effective dropper mechanism permits easy delivery and prevents wastage of medicine.

All products are launched after extensive trials. Bakson is the first homoeopathic pharmaceutical company to carry out clinical trials of its products in various hospitals & Homoeopathic medical colleges nationwide.


Homoeopathic Tablets are Sublingual tablets, designed to be dissolved under the tongue (sub, meaning under, and lingua, meaning tongue) and absorbed. Medication dissolved under the tongue is absorbed very quickly and has the advantage of immediately entering the blood stream.

ablets are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and surface markings. The tablet is a solid dose form produced by compression and contains one or more active ingredients and, commonly, other pharmacological ingredients. These ingredients include diluents, binders (to promote adhesion of the materials in the tablet), and lubricating agents (to give the tablet sheen and to aid in the manufacturing process), disintegrates (to help break up the ingredients), Tablets are extremely convenient because of the ease with which various doses can be delivered. 

In the tablet-pressing process, all ingredients taken are dry, powdered and of uniform grain size as much as possible. It is ensured that the appropriate amount of active ingredient is equal in each tablet so ingredients are well-mixed. Triturate tablets are manufactured by adding a binder  to the triturated powder and molding the moistened powder into the shape of a tablet, which is then dried. Compressed tablets are exerted to great pressure in order to compact the material.  The tablets are then subjected to tests before being packed.  They are consequently bottle packed through fully automated machines. 



Syrups are concentrated solutions of sugar such as sucrose in water or other aqueous liquid. 

Medicated syrup: It is an aqueous preparation which contains some added medicinal substance 

Alcohol often is included as

  • Preservative
  • Solvent for volatile oils

Syrups possess remarkable masking properties for bitter and saline drugs

The requisite amount of ingredients are taken and mixed in a clean mixer through stirrer. Color and flavor are added and volume made up with purified water which is then passed through filter press and thereafter checked for clarity. The sample is then sent for testing. After the report complies filling and capping is done trough automatic machines.


Our manufacturing operations are carried out under the most controlled  environments where quality is a prized ideal. We follow state-of-art of manufacturing, filling/sealing operation.

Dispensing of materials is under an SS reverse laminar flow.

Individual cabins are there with separate air handling units to avoid cross contamination in addition to air conditioning with 3 micron filtration to ensure absolute product purity. Separate double skin AHUs are there for washing, sterilization, buffer zone and airlocks, filling areas conform to class D, C, B & A.

Visual inspection & semi automatic inspection of machines

Demineralization Plant, WFI plant and SS 316L pipeline in loop form with a 5 micron filter and UV lamp for absolute purity of water.


Ointments and cream

At Bakson, manufacturing of ointments is taken up with the help of homogenizers and planetary mixers, through fully automatic plant without any hand touch and the same transferred through pipes directly to filling machines. Before filling the requisite tests and microbiology studies are done

Hair Oil and Shampoos

Necessary ingredients like oil or surfactants and conditioners are mixed with homoeopathic extracts through a stirrer in a mixing tank and then filtered. Oils and Shampoos are subjected to necessary testing before being packed.


Bakson has also established its mark in international market. We export world-class products to many countries. We export directly to Nepal, Bangladesh, Singapore, Pakistan, Australia, Malaysia, Syria & UK.

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